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Due to funding issues, the Bizarre Map Challenge will not be held in 2011. If funding can be found, the contest will be resumed in 2012.


The Reason

The Bizarre Map Challenge is a map design competition open to high school, college, and university students in the United States. The goals of this challenge are: to promote spatial thinking; increase awareness of geospatial technology; and inspire curiosity about geographic patterns and map representation in students and the broader public.

The Prizes

  • First Prize: Dependent on funding
  • Second Prize: Dependent on funding
  • Third Prize: Dependent on funding
  • Remaining Top 10: Dependent on funding

Contact Us

Please contact us at Bizarre Map Challenge with any questions, comments, suggestions, or encouragements. Good Luck!

What is Bizarre?

“Bizarre” in this competition refers to maps that are strikingly out of the ordinary. Though all maps must use real-world data, successful entries might employ unusual techniques, illustrate bizarre topics, or exhibit striking patterns.

Contest News

The 2010 Award List has been posted.

Read the article on the Challenge on the SDSU main site

Have a look at the contest video

The Bizarre Map Challenge logo:
Projection: Bonne
Standard Parallel: 60° North
Central Meridian: 0°

The projection is equal-area with scale true only along the central meridian and parallels.

The 2010 Awards List has now been posted.

Winners are announced on April 27, 2010.