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The Bizarre Map Challenge competition is supported by the National GeoTech Center and San Diego State University. The events and procedures are organized by the BMC executive committee and graduate/undergraduate assistants.

Executive Committee

Graduate Assistants

Supporting Institutions

GeoTech Center: Established in 2008, the GeoTech Center is funded by an award (DUE #0801893) from the National Science Foundation (NSF) and supports the education of a highly skilled, educated and diverse geospatial technician workforce for America’s geospatial technology industry sectors. The Center promotes the development and enhancement of quality educational degree programs based on industry-established standards. The headquarters of the GeoTech Center is located at the Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas. Dr. Phillip Davis is the Director of the GeoTech Center and a Professor of Computer Science at Del Mar College. The Center is the national organization of geospatial technology program alliances with several partner institutions, including San Diego State University.

Department of Geography, San Diego State University: The SDSU Geography Department offers undergraduate, Masters and PhD programs with concentration in human and physical geography, and methodological technologies. The department now offers a new MS/BS program in Geographic Information Science. The department has 16 full time faculty, seven emeritus professors, seven lecturers, and one adjunct faculty with a diverse range of research interests, including physical, cultural, urban and economic geography, environmental, natural resource and land use analysis, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and spatial techniques.