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Dr. Keith C. Clarke

Dr. Clarke is a research cartographer and Professor at University of California, Santa Barbara. He has served as the Science Advisor to the Office of Research, National Mapping Division of the USGS.

Dr. Sara Fabrikant

Dr. Fabrikant is a world renowned cartographer and self-proclaimed “mapematician”. She is currently the head of the Geographic Information Visualization & Analysis Unit at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Dr. Mark Monmonier

Dr. Monmonier is Distinguished Professor of Geography at Syracuse University. Aside from teaching cartography, GIS policy and hazards classes, he has written numerous books, including How to Lie with Maps.

Dr. Judy M. Olson

Dr. Olson is Emeritus Professor at Michigan State University. She has taught many courses in cartography and GIS while conducting her research in quantitative mapping and the psychology of maps.

Dr. Michael P. Peterson

Dr. Peterson is a Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha who has lectured in many different nations throughout his career. He is currently the chair of the Maps and the Internet Commission of the International Cartographic Association.