Kent Tomac, California State University, Chico
Finalist, $200

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Staycations Map

My bizarre map idea is to provide Americans with cheap and easy vacation destinations throughout the United States. I am attempting to achieve this goal by representing all of the cities and communities in the U.S. that are named the same as the top visited countries in the world by Americans. I believe that this map is bizarre because I have represented each city/community in the U.S. with the shape of that corresponding country, instead of a star or dot to represent where the city/community is in each state represented. This map is also bizarre because of the idea of having a ‘staycation’ (a vacation that is close to home to save money) by staying in the U.S. for a vacation to ‘another country’ and visiting one of these city/communities instead.

I created this map by using Adobe Illustrator CS3 on the computer. I mostly used the pen tool to trace my United States and countries represented. I also used fills, different texts, a gradient background, and a border that I got from the Illustrator program.

The projection of my map is Albers Equal Area Map Projection. My data for the town names came from ‘’ and my top visited countries by Americans data came from ‘’.